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About us

We are Smile Makers!


Our goal is simple - to create lasting smiles. 


Surprise your loved ones with a mini figure version of them!


At MiniMeCraft, we are in the business of creating and reinvent 'You'. Since no two persons are the same, our customized bobble heads and personalized cake toppers are as unique as 'You.'  

Each of our customized bobble heads and personalized cake topper are crafted based on the unique features of our customers; thus, no two customized bobble heads or personalized cake toppers will ever be the same.

Let our products be the highlights of your special events and win the hearts of your love ones. Besides our hottest sellers, the personalized cake toppers, our figures makes a great gift for other special events such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Retirement party etc. In addition, our customized bobble heads can be fully customized to your specification and needs; covering from sports, occupations, hobbies, company themes, marketing, or anything else you may dream of. Our personalized cake toppers and customized bobble heads are only limited by the reach of your imagination.