Comanda acum statuetele MiniMeCraft

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1.1   – User designates any user who surfs, becomes aware of, reserves, orders and/or buys a product offered on the site. 

1.2   – Product designates any product offered on the. 

1.3   – Site designates the infrastructure developed by the Seller according to IT formats usable on the Internet including data of various kinds, and in particular of texts, sounds, fixed or animated images, videos, databases, intended to be consulted by the User in order to know his products. 

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The site offers directly on line the purchase of 'personalized figurines' packed and delivered in adequate packaging. 

The User has the possibility of placing his order online from the online catalogue on this Web site. 

The order can be recorded on the site only if the User has clearly identified himself:

a) With his customer code and his password, which are strictly personal to him, or

b) As a visitor, the User does not create an account on the website but he is still required to provide billing and delivery information.

Any order means acceptance of the prices and the description of products made available for sale. 

The Seller undertakes to deliver the orders received on the Internet site. 

For the follow-up of the pending order, the User may consult the order follow-up online, the User will receive information regarding the manufacture and delivery steps in the e-mail used for ordering the product.

In order to make a purchase on the website, you must register with you personal information. 

By using this service you hereby declare that you will supply us with real, correct and complete information about yourself.

In the event that we consider this requirement to be violated, we reserve the right to block you the access to using the website, for a limited or unlimited period of time, without prior notification.


2.1 Order options

The customized heads that are attached to the statue’s body can be either fixed heads or “bobble-heads”. You can opt for either one on each product page where this option applies.


2.2 Statue bodies

Standard statue bodies can be found on the site and have a fixed price. For a customized body please send us an email to contact[at] containing a detailed description of your order and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for the item, before you place the order.


2.3 Uploading the pictures

The User has the obligation of sending the pictures needed to personalize the statue head during the placement of the order. For an optimal execution of the product, it is required that these pictures are clear and they respect the conditions specified on the website. In order to increase accuracy please also include a description of the eye and hair color.



The price of the products includes the VAT tax (19%).

The price of acquisition presented on the bill will be the same with the price of the product on the website at the moment of purchase plus the delivery costs.

The product payment will be made by:

-          credit or a debit bank card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro etc.), when placing the order;

-          PayPal via PayU;

-          bank payment order.

It is also possible to pay in up to 8 monthly installments for Users that have specific bank credit such as “Card Avantaj” or “Star BT”.



For regular orders the manufacture and delivery process takes about 40-50 working days (6-8 weeks) starting from the time both the payment and the delivery of the necessary photos have been confirmed. Manufacture and delivery may take longer than the period mentioned above, for custom statue models that are not included in the standard models presented on the site. Also the manufacture process may last longer depending on the User’s interventions during the manufacturing stages.  Delivery fees include VAT.


ARTICLE 5 – Return and order cancelling policy

The User may cancel the order and recover the paid amount as long as the manufacturing process has not been started. Considering the fact that the product is personalized and it is designed based on the pictures received from the User and the fact that the user will approve the product during different production stages, the final product cannot be returned or refunded for reasons of non-resemblance. The user may approve or comment only once during the manufacturing stages, where a manufacturing stage represents one of the following stages where the User may confirm the product’s design: confirmation for the sculpted head and confirmation for the painting of the statue. The User will receive an email in his registered email address during each of the 2 stages of manufacture in order to approve the product. If the User will not respond in 24 hours, calculated from the time the email was sent, the production and delivery process will advance to the next step. In order to not miss any email from us, please add the email address to your email lists, so that they will not accidentally be categorized as spam.



New promotions and special offer codes that will be presented on the website or social networks or other websites will not be added to any already existing promotion. Expired promotions, coupons or special offer codes cannot be used if they have already expired.